BMC Client Management 12

Automating client management helps organizations control costs, maintain compliance, and reduce data and financial risks. From device acquisition to disposal, Client Management provides an accurate view of hardware installations, ensuring device adherence to organizational and industry policies that support systems & software currency.

With BMC Client Management, you will

  • Pass software audits with ease
  • Reduce data vulnerabilities and financial risk through automated software patching
  • Know what you have – confidently discover all your clients and edge devices
  • Intelligently manage your software entitlements – don’t over deploy and don’t over spend
  • Enjoy turnkey integration with multiple BMC service desk solutions

Key Benefits

  • Reduce patch time by 30% though set-it-and-forget-it automation
  • Reduce time to deploy operating systems and applications as much as 86%
  • Reduce post-PC-migration service desk calls by 80% with integrated profile migrations
  • Realize 100% ROI of your BMC Client Management investment within 24 months simply leveraging power management

Asset Management Business Value

From the time a device is acquired, Client Management deploys the proper OS and software specific to the device. The user ensures organizational and industry policy compliance, and keeps patches up to date until the device is retired. Out-of-the-box ITSM integrations enable the service desk to respond to end-user issues quickly and efficiently.  With automatically populated device data, the ability to make changes without escalation, the one-click remote capabilities can be done with ease.