Migrating from SDE?

We’re here to answer your questions about SDE migration and how you can improve your service delivery capabilities without compromising value.


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IT organizations know that one-size never fits all. This means software solutions out-of-the-box rarely fit their needs without modification. As IT evolves its service management processes, the need to customize a solution becomes even greater. Raymarc Solutions provides the ITSM technical services essential to meeting even the most complex implementation challenges. Our certified consultants are experts in their field, and they have partnered with hundreds of IT organizations in federal government, commercial enterprise, and higher education to develop intelligent solutions. We strive to satisfy the ever increasing demand to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and align ourselves with the goals of your business.

BMC Service Desk Express

BMC Software has released the news that they are sun-setting their long time and popular ITSM software Service Desk Express on May 2017. As the premier implementation and support organization for SDE, we have developed a series of migration strategies designed to keep you operating with efficiency and improved service delivery.

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BMC FootPrints

BMC FootPrints is easy to own, use and extend. You can create personalized working experiences for your employees and the IT that will help increase their productivity. Administrators can quickly configure end-to-end business services for IT and beyond.

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BMC Client Management

Seamlessly automates processes and effectively manage IT assets. BMC Client Management 12 provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that enable you to discover, configure, manage, and secure all of your IT end points.

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Professional Support Services

Our Support Services are committed to delivering responsive and high-quality customer-oriented services & support. We provide seamless integration of deep industry and functional expertise with tools and capabilities to support execution and make change happen.

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